In February, 1992, the Ambassador of Zimbabwe paid a visit to KCG with the Ambassador of Ghana and made a request to bring IDCE to Zimbabwe. During the visit, we decided to apply for a grant together. After we secured the grant (*1) and after the Embassy appointed NUST (*2) as the operating institution, however, we were met by a criticizm by the key officials in Zimbabwe, who did not see the effect of our IDCE program. Their comment was "used computers would not benefit anything." As a result, the implementation was delayed, resulting us to apply to the granter for an extension of one year. [(*1 ) the Japan Expo Commemoration Fund Project : (*2) National University of Science & Technology]

Our belief in the importance of computer literacy, and the Zimbabwe Embassy's strong belief in our project eventually opened the door to IDCE/Zimbabwe.

With IDCE participants in Harare, Zimbabwe

In the summer of 1993, we donated 200 sets of computers to the Ministry of Higher Education, and shipped them to Zimbabwe.

In 1994, with 3 KCG instructors and 3 MIT graduate students as volunteers, we offerred our first seminar at NUST in Zimbabwe.

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

Koji Ueda
Volunteer instructor Edwin Murakami

With IDCE/Zimbabwe instructors

Afterwards, 200 computers were distributed to 23 universities and high schools all over Zimbabwe.

The Vice-Chancellor of NUST, Prof. P.M. Makhurane wrote, "My office is bombarded every week with requests for these computers from Headmasters and other leaders and dignitaries from various institutions. I have also received many letters from the receipients thanking me and expressing great appreciations for these computers."

The result of the program was excellent enough that it changed the minds of the key officials who originally opposed to the program.

In November 1994, selected participants of the NUST seminar were invited to Japan for a more advanced seminar at KCG. Prof. P. M. Makhurane also visited KCG at that time.

Zimbabwe students in Japan

IDCE/Zimbabwe seminar

On site IDCE operating organizations

  • Ministry of Higher Education
  • National University of Science and Technology [NUST]

Number of computers donated and locations
Total number of computers donated : 200

Year Recipient
1st stage 200 1993 23 universities and high schools throughout Zimbabwe

Training Programs

  Location Period Participants
1st program Bulawayo 8/15/94 - 8/26/94 30
2nd program Kyoto 11/11/94 - 11/30/94


1993 July Donated 200 computers to Minister of Education
1994 August Held the first seminar in Bulawayo for teachers of the receiving schools.
Five KCG teachers and three volunteers (one Cal tech graduate- student, one MIT graduate- student, and one student from Tufts University) fly to Bulawayo.
1994 November Held the second seminar at KCG, Japan. (15 people from the first seminar participants were selected and invited to Japan)
The donated computers were settled throughout Zimbabwe and computer education was started at 23 schools.