In 1993, while interviewing students at MIT, Yu was approached by Iliana Fujimori, then a MIT student, and was asked if we could bring IDCE to Peru, where her uncle was then the president of the country. She agreed, and Iliana became the key person (as well as a volunteer instructor) for the IDCE/Peru project.

Iliana Fujimori

Tape-cut with the Minister Juan Carlos Capuňay

Opening ceremony at Lima, Peru

In the summer of 1994, we shipped 200 sets of computers to Lima with the plan to be distributed to 20 schools. It was first an initiation of the Ministry of Presidency, but later was transfered to the Ministry of Education. The first seminar was held in January, 1995

Seminar in Peru

Giving a certificate

Closing ceremony

Volunteer instructor Iliana Fujimori

Seminar in Peru

Seminar in Peru

Afterwards, fifteen Peruvian high school teachers were invited to KCG in Japan for a more advanced seminar.

Seminar at KCG

Seminar at KCG
Seminar at KCG

With IDCE/Peru/Kyoto participants

Mr. Pedro Fujimori, brother of then president Mr. Alberto Fujimori, reported that all the computers were now distributed to some ten high schools in different areas of the country for the start of computer education in Peru.

In November, 1999, we made an additional donation to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Japanese immigration movement to the country.  We donated 43 PC’s to the Association of Japanese Peruvians.  They were to be installed in the Association’s facility, and be made available, for free of charge, to all Peruvian people, regardless of whether they are of Japanese ancestry or not.  These computers are to promote computer literacy in the country.

On site IDCE operating organizations

  • Ministry of Education
  • Association of Japanese Peruvians

Number of computers donated and locations
Total number of computers donated : 243

Year Recipient
1st stage 200 1994 20 schools/institutions
2nd stage 43 1999 Japanese Peruvian Internet Center

Training Program

  Location Period Participants
1st program Lima 1/23/95 - 2/3/95 40
2nd program Kyoto 3/15/95 - 3/30/95


1994 March Receive an appreciation from Mariela Guerinoni Romero, the Secretaria General de la Presidencia de la Republica for settlement of computer donation.
1997 July Donated 200 computers to Minister of Education.
1995 January Held the first seminar in Lima for teachers of the receiving schools. Four KCG teachers, two MIT graduate- student volunteers fly to Lima.
1995 March Held the second seminar at KCG, Japan. (15 people from the first seminar participants were selected and invited to Japan)
Receive an appreciation from the President of Centro Cultural Peruano Japones ,Pedro Fujimori.
1999 November Donate 43 computers to the Association of Japanese Peruvians to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Japanese immigration movement and receive an appreciation.
2000 July Receive an award of honor from Associaton Peruano Japonesa.

Evaluation / Awards & Honors

  • Appreciation from Secretaria General de la Presidencia de la Republica
  • Appreciation from Asociacion Peruano Japonesa
  • Appreciation from Centro Cultural Peruano Japones
  • Award of Honor from Asociation Peruano Japonesa (2000)