Yasuko Hasegawa
Yasuko Hasegawa
  • Bachelor of Science from Kyoto University 
    (*The first female student to graduate from Department of Astronomy)
  • Master of Science from Kyoto University
  • Doctor course finished at Department of Astronomy at Kyoto University
  • One of the first Astrophysics scientists who used computer for research
  • Computer programming instructor at the Computer center in Tokyo University (Volunteer)
  • Computer programming instructor in the Computer center at Department of Technology in Kyoto University (Volunteer)
  • Founder: Kyoto Software research group
  • Associate Professor at Kyoto Gakuen University
  • Visiting Scientist at the Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • President and Co-Founder, Kyoto Computer Gakuin
  • Former Chair, Board of Trustee, Kyoto Computer Gakuen
  • The Chair of Board of Trustee, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics
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