About KCG



Yasuko Hasegawa starts to teach mathematics, as a volunteer, to group of high school students. (Her husband Shigeo Hasegawa starts to teach English and Japanese.)



Yasuko forms a study group for IBM 709/7090 computer. She starts volunteering to teach computer to young faculty and graduate students of Kyoto University.



At the newly opened computer centers at Tokyo University and Kyoto University, Yasuko volunteers to instruct computer programming to young faculty, research associates, and graduate students.

For the public, Yasuko initiates Kyoto Software Research Group and, together with Shigeo, holds workshops on various applications. Local college graduate students and research associates from companies attend.



Yasuko and Shigeo install a micro-computer, JACOM 110 (Nihon Musen) for business computation.

They change the workshop name to "Kyoto School for Electronic Computers." They begin accepting high school graduates, too.



"Kyoto School for Electronic Computers" is officially recognized as the first full-time school in Japan for training high school graduates for career in information data processing and computer science.

Yasuko and Shiegeo install a micro-computer, HITAC 10( Hitachi) for technical computation.

They change the school name to Kyoto Computer Gakuin (Kyoto School of Computer Science.) Shigeo Hasegawa becomes the official first president of the school.



Number of students increased tremendously.

KCG has increased to six campuses.

Installed Toshiba medium size computer,  IBM large computer, Unysis super large computer.



Yasuko and Shigeo install 3000 personal computers.
They lent those computes to each and every student at KCG. They place one computer in each dormitory room.



Shigeo Hasegawa passes away. Yasuko Hasegawa becomes the second president. She installs IBM 3031-A08 multiprocessor TSS.



Yasuko installs new model PCs and puts away the rest of the 8 bit computes into storage.

IDCE Timeline


The International Development of Computer Education program (IDCE) is initiated by Yasuko&Yu Hasegawa.



IDCE becomes an official non-profit chapter of KCG.



Two college students invited to KCG for two week computer program seminor as a test case of IDCE.


The Boston Campus opens at the introduction of International Information Processing.



UNISYS 2200/400, HITAC M-640/40 Diadic processor, installed.


Jun Thailand

351 computers donated to the Minister of Education of Thailand.


Jul Thailand

First seminor held in Bangkok, Thailand.



First seminor held at KCG.



IDCE goes to Ghana and Poland for the development of Information Education.


Jun Ghana

208 computers donated to the Minister of Education of Ghana.



200 computers donated to the Ministry of National Education of Poland.


Aug Ghana

First seminor in Accra, Ghana.


Nov Poland

First seminor in Warszawa, Poland.



Introduces a system to check-out a 32 bit personal computer free of charge to KCG students.

IDCE goes to Kenya.





Second seminor at KCG.(Thai, Ghana, Poland Joint Seminor in Japan)



Third seminor at KCG.(Thai, Ghana,Poland Joint Seminor in Japan)


Poland Second seminor at KCG.(Thai, Ghana,Poland Joint Seminor in Japan)

Declaration of Intent concluded with Ministry of National Education in Poland.




200 computers donated to the Ministry of Education of Kenya.


Fall Ghana

Computer education starts at schools all over Ghana by the local teachers who had the training from IDCE.


Nov Thailand

Received an awards from the Ministry of Education in Thailand.



Holds KCG 30th Anniversary and Commemorative Ceremony and Alumni Reunion with Special Performance.
IDCE goes to Zimbabwe.


Jan Ghana

Yasuko Hasegawa Computer Center founded by the Ghana government.

Awards recieved from Ministry of Education and the Director of Ministry of Industrial Science & Technology at the ceremony.



First seminor in Nairobi, Kenya.


Feb Kenya

Second seminor at KCG.


Jul Zimbabwe

200 computers donated to the Ministry of Education of Zimbabwe.



IDCE goes to Peru.

IDCE 5th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony


Jul Peru

200 computers donated to the Ministry of Education of Peru.


Aug Zimbabwe

First seminor in Bulawayo , Zimbabwe.


Oct Poland

The Japan-Poland College of Information Technology established in collaboration with the Polish government and the Japanese government.

An instructor from KCG is sent to Poland as a computer expert by JICA, and continue teaching in college.


Nov Ghana

Two students from the receiving schools invited to KCG for the special seminar.



Second seminor at KCG.


By the request from Thai government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the workshop in multimedia technology was held at KCG for the computer engineers from Thailand for six months.



“Africa Program” starts by the request of JICA.
About 15 participants from 7 countries in Africa attend computer technology training program in Japan for three month (1994-2005)


Jan Peru

First seminor in Lima , Peru.


Mar Peru

Second seminor at KCG.


Mar Ghana

The National Youth Education Center established in the capital city Accra. By the request from Minister of Education, 150 computers donated as the second support.



An instructor from KCG sent to MAHIDOL University, Thailand as a multi media computer expert by JICA.


Jun China

Educationlal cooperation Agreements concluded with Tianjin Foreign Studies University, and 50 computers were donated.


Aug Sri-Lanka

Teachers from receiving school invited to KCG, Japan, for a special seminar.

100 computers donated to Arthur C. Clarke Center for Modern Technology(operating organization) .


Oct Brunei

Cooperation Agreements concluded with SEAMEO VOCTECH (South East Asian Ministers of Education Organization, Regional Center for Vocational and Technical Education).


Dec Sri-Lanka

First seminor in Colombo , Sri-Lanka.

Received an award from Minister of Sci., Tech. & Human Resources Development


Jan Thailand

30 notebooks donated to the Ministry of Education in Thailand. (3rd support)

"Computers-on-Wheels" program begins with 2 teachers sent from IDCE/KCG; two trailars travel throughout Thailand with a computer classroom in each.

“The Crown Princess Award” awarded


Mar Brunei

Instructors from KCG sent to Brunei for lectures on networking and technical support.


Oct Brunei

Members of SEAMEO VOCTECH invited to KCG for a more advanced seminar.


Nov China

Educationlal cooperation Agreements concluded with Xi’an Foreign Language University in Xi’an,China, and 50 computers were donated


Jul China

Educationlal cooperation Agreements concluded with the Capital Normal University, and 60 computers donated.


Nov Kenya

140 computers donated , a Joint project with Doshisha international Junior  /High school.( second support to Kenya)



93 computers donated , a Joint project with Doshisha international Junior  /High school.( second support to Sri-Lanka)



222 computers donated , a Joint project with Doshisha international Junior  /High school.



Computer training program to the Republic of Nigeria start.


Aug Nigeria

40 computers donated.( for high school technology education)


Nov Peru

43 computers donated to the Association of Japanese Peruvians.



Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center was founded for foreign students.

Start Japanese language education program in Europ.

Aprl China

A joint department established with the Tianjin University of Science and Technology.


Jul Peru

Two paticipants from the Association of Japanese Peruvians invited to KCG for the special seminar.


2001 Europe

189 computers donated for the Japanese language education throughout Europe: Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Greek, Luxembourg, Finland.

160 computers reserved for Estonia, Hungary.



KCG Beijing Office founded in the National Library in China.


Dec Mongolia

40 computers donated to the Open Japan Center.



KCG 40th Anniversary commemorative Ceremony and Alumni Reunion.



The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) founded as Japan’s First & the only one IT Professional Graduate School (by Wataru Hasegawa.) KCGI opening ceremony held.

A joint department established with the the Mongol Business Institute.

Computer training program to the Republic of Tanzania starts.


Sep Vietnam

Computer education support starts.


Oct Tanzania

40 computers donated.



Business Partnership conducted with FPT Corporation in Vietnam.

The support for development of IT educational curriculum starts to the Repubkuc of Uganda under the request of the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda


The International Co-operation Special Award awarded by The ITU (International Telecommunication Union ) Association of Japan, Inc.


Oct Kyrgyz

50 computers donated.



Apr Bosnia and Herzegovina

45 computers donated.



30 computers donated.




IDCE collaboration with KDDI, Japan, initiated through the introduction by ITU, Japan.



IDCE collaboration with TIS, Japan, and FPT, Vietnam, initiated.