In 1990, the news on the success of IDCE in Thailand spread in Japan (newspapers/TV). The Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana to Japan, His Excellency Dr. James L.M. Amissah, read an IDCE article and enthusiasticly requested us to bring IDCE to Ghana. We were overwhelmingly moved by his passion for the development of his country.

With IDCE participants in Accra, Ghana

In 1991, we donated 208 sets of computers to the Ministry of Education in Ghana and offerred a 2-week seminar in Accra. Among the IDCE volunteer instructors were three MIT graduate students. 32 Ghanaian participants were teachers from institutions from 17 areas throughout Ghana (teacher-students) ; many had never touched computers before.

Three volunteer instructors from MIT

IDCE/Ghana seminar

Volunteer instructor Cliff Federspiel

IDCE/Ghana seminar

In 1992, we invited 15 teacher-students from Ghana to KCG, Japan, for more advanced computer seminar. Afterwards during the year 1992, computer education began in those 17 schools around Ghana; each for the very first time in their areas.

H.E. J.L.M.Amissah (left)

IDCE/KCG seminar in Japan

IDCE/KCG seminar in Japan

IDCE/KCG seminar in Japan

In January, 1993, the Ghana Ministries of Education and of Science & Technology opened a computer center named after Yasuko Hasegawa, the president of KCG and co-founder of IDCE. The Hasegawa family was invited as the governmental guests to attend the inauguration of the Computer Center and the celebration of the distribution of the donated computers.

Minister of Science and Technology speaks at the inauguration of Yasuko Hasegawa Computer Center

Students at the computer center

The Ministers of Education and of Science & Technology attended the ceremony. There, Capt. GN. Butah, the Minister of Science & Technology announced that,

(1) because of the success of the IDCE, the ministries decided to allocate a special budget for computer education in Ghana,

(2) the program was to become a joint project of the Ministries of Education and of Science & Technology,

(3) IDCE’s work was a great achievement for the development of Ghana. This achievement follows in the footsteps of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, a famous Japanese bacteriologist who did much valuable research concerning syphilitic diseases in Ghana, including, most notably, the discovery of the yellow fever virus.

We visited several high schools that had received our donation, and were deeply touched by the warm welcome extended to us by the government, as well as the group of motivated students at each school, who now had an opportunity to learn computers.

With high school students whose schools received computers

In In the Fall of 1994, we invited two high school students to IDCE/KCG in Japan. The Ghana Ministry chose two most excellent students from those 17 schools that received the donation.

In November, 1994, Yasuko, Yu, and Wataru Hasegawa received awards of honor by the Ministries of Education and of Science & Technology for the IDCE work in initiating computer awareness in Ghanaian schools.

In March, 1996, the National Center for Youth Education was built in Ghana. Upon the request of the Ghan Minister of Education, we donated additional 150 sets of 16-bit and 32-bit computers for 19 high schools and the National Computer Centers.

On site IDCE operating organization

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Technology Transfer Center
  • National Center for Youth Education

Number of computers donated and locations
Total number of computers donated : 358

Year Recipient
1st stage 208 1991 17 technical institutions and high schools throughout Ghana
2nd stage 150 1996 19 high schools and National Center for Youth Education

Training Program

  Location Period Participants
1st program Accra 8/19/91 - 8/31/91 32
2nd program Kyoto 2/4/92 - 2/14/92
3nd program Kyoto 11/11/94 - 11/29/94


1991 June Donated 208 computers to Minister of Education
1991 August Held the first seminar in Accra for teachers of the receiving schools. Four KCG teachers, three MIT graduate- student volunteers fly to Accra.
1992 February Held the second seminar at KCG, Japan. (15 people from the first seminar participants were selected and invited to Japan)
1992  Fall The donated computers were settled at high schools and technical schools in 17 areas throughout Ghana. Computer education was started for the very first time in each area by the local teachers who had the training from IDCE.
1993 January IDCE officials were invited for the opening ceremony. Received the awards from Ministry of Education and the Director of Ministry of Industrial Science & Technology at the ceremony.
1994 November Two excellent students (a boy and a girl) from the receiving schools were selected and invited to KCG for the special seminar.
1996 March Established the National Youth Education Center in the capital city Accra. By the request from Minister of Education, donated 150 computers as the second support. Computers were distributed to 19 high schools throughout Ghana.

Awards & Honors

  • Awards by the Minister of Educationi
  • Awards by the Minister of Science and Technology